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Last year I published a popular post that encouraged readers to buy American products for the holidays. Here is a great company for you to consider this year. Last weekend I attended a craft fair and there I saw the most wonderful idea and persuaded the crafter to let me do a blog about her creations because her idea is wonderful and her products are made in America!  Rachel Rodriguez has a company named, “Game Day Knitwear,” and she makes recycled sweater mittens.

She explained that her sister-in-law in Colorado started making mittens from recycled sweaters and when she heard about them, she decided that she would like to do the same.  Her company has grown to the point where she just quit her day job and is growing her company full time.  I say, “Good for her!”

Her work should appeal to those of you who are interested in recycling and who have the need for some very warm and beautiful knitwear.


The pair pictured above is made from recycled cashmere.  I can guarantee that they are ever so soft and are very warm.  Here are more mittens that Rachel had on display:

mittens 2

The lining is made from fleece and there are many colors and patterns available.  She had different sizes and they were very well made.  I imagine that she can make them in her sleep by now.  Here is a picture of Rachel.  She is standing in the background in the green sweater with her arms folded:

mittens 3

The mittens have been washed and dried, making them dense and warm.  Just like snowflakes, no two pair are alike.  I went to the Game Day Knitwear web site and discovered that she also makes mittens with the colors of your favorite sports team.  She made these for a Notre Dame fan:

If you have a special sweater in your closet, she will use it for the mittens.  Here are some more of her creations:

If you want to contact Rachel Rodriguez and order cozy sweater mittens, you can contact her by phone or by e-mail:

Rachel Rodriguez



If you have a craft fair in your community, please take the time to visit it and look for merchandise made locally.  It is important to support our local crafters and to buy American as much as we possibly can.  Maybe you have an idea to make some wonderful items for the holiday market.  I encourage you to give it a try and then take them to a local craft market and test the waters.  There is a great deal of satisfaction to be gained from supplementing the family income, creating something that makes you happy and meeting like minded people and sharing ideas.

Create and be happy!