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It pays to have a friend with a very green thumb because when you do she will let you take pictures of her stargazer lilies and beautiful blue and purple hydrangea.  For your July 4 present, I give you these pictures of these most amazing flowers. Seeing the pictures is not as wonderful as if you were able to see the flowers in person, but you can look at pictures during the cold days of January just to perk up your spirits.

stargazer #1

There is not one lilly, nor two or three.  Oh, no!  There are dozens of plants.  By the time they have finished putting on their show, there may be hundreds of blooms!

stargazer #2

stargazer #3.5


stargazer #4

Every year they multiply.  Imagine!  They do like the sun.  Maybe that is why they are so radiant.

stargazer #5

But not to be outdone by the lilies are the hydrangea.  On one side of the yard they are purple.


stargazer #8

stargazer #9

…and on the other side of the yard they range from blue to white/limelight green.

stargazer #6

stargazer #7 (2)

stargazer #4

So happy 4th of July.  Enjoy your weekend.

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