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One of the pleasures in life is to have a hobby that you really enjoy.  If it is a hobby that makes your children happy and gives your mother (like me) a chance to do a blog, then it is practically perfect!

Our daughter, Beth, suddenly decided to sew.  This ability was dormant for many years, but it suddenly surfaced and when it did, she never looked back.  She has made bonnets, dresses, shirts, skirts, back packs, and even bean bag chairs.  I think that she is very talented!   Sew, I asked if I could do a blog on her creations and she obliged with some photos.  At the end of the post, I will give credit to the people who made the patterns.  Maybe you will try your hand at making one or two or these very cute creations.

First, here is a picture of Beth and her family.  She works full time while being a wife and mother.  I don’t know how she finds the time to sew.  I would be on the sofa gasping for air if I kept her schedule.


She made the little bow tie that Simon is wearing and the smocked top worn by Tabitha.  Yes, she taught herself to smock.

One of the first things a little lady needs when she goes to pre-school is a backpack.  Of course, it must be pink and have plenty of pockets for crayons, paper and lunch!


Tabitha wore it to the first day of pre-school this year:

DSC_0068 (2)

She somehow reminds me of Dorothy going down the Yellow Brick Road sans ruby red slippers.

Beth tried her hand at making sweatshirts for the children.  The weather has turned cool enough for them to wear them often and they are coming in very handy.


Simon loves to play with trucks so the lining of his sweatshirt is transportation related.


Tabitha has a matching sweatshirt, but with a graphic pink lining.



She may be a little young to drive the truck, but she looks stylish while trying!  I think that Simon wanted to be behind the wheel.

When you aren’t on your way to school, you just might need a great looking back pack while visiting the family farm.  Who knows when you will come across rocks, sticks, or dinosaur eggs.

DSC_0116 (2)



 Beth made matching outfits for all of our grandchildren.  Simon wasn’t really convinced that he should wear the bow tie.  We just laid it on him. Tabitha and Amelia liked their tops.


Amelia’s mother was looking for a Beaufort Bonnet when Beth volunteered to make one for her.


Actually, Beth has made several outfits for her little niece.  Here is Amelia last Easter when she met the Easter Bunny while wearing a dress and sun bonnet that Aunt Beth made for her.




One day I called Beth and she said that she was making marshmallows.  Even more amazing was the day she told me that she had made bean bag chairs!


In case you have been inspired to try your hand at a back pack, clothing, or a bean bag chair, here are the sources that Beth used for her patterns:

Beth adapted the Toddler backpack from Made-by-Rae, http://shop.made-by-rae.com/collections/favorites/products/toddler-backpack

Bean bags are the “Rolly Poly” from MADE, http://www.danamadeit.com/2010/01/the-rollie-pollie-is-here.html

Smocked shirt – http://www.purlbee.com/2013/08/15/corinnes-thread-smocked-dress-and-shirt-kits/

Bow tie – http://prudentbaby.com/2010/04/baby-kid/how-to-make-a-bow-tie-2/

Amelia easter dress – http://www.made-by-rae.com/2012/12/geranium-dress-sewing-pattern-is-here/

Amelia’s easter bonnet – https://www.etsy.com/listing/57611998/sew-can-do-reversible-emmeline-bonnet

Sweatshirt – https://www.etsy.com/listing/62495882/urban-unisex-hoodie-pattern-and-tutorial

Beaufort Bonnet – http://www.southern-stitches.com/epatterns.php

I hope that you have a hobby that gives you great pleasure.  Create and be happy!